How to Become a FireFly Brand Dealer?

Complete the Authorized Dealer Application. We require the original including an Authorized Signature to be on file in our office. You may list your references on a separate sheet if necessary. To expedite your first order you may fax us a copy of the application before mailing the original and place the order using a VISA or MasterCard. Please allow 2-3 weeks for the complete reference check before final authorization.

Difference between Stock, Personalized, & Custom Decals?

Stock items include any item printed with a stock title or emblem as listed on pages 9-12 of the price list. Personalized items include any item with a town name or department name designation. Most stock items can be grouped together to gain quantity discounts. Personalized items may only be grouped together for discounts in accordance with the directions on the Dealer Price List. Custom items are those that include a special logo, design, or font style that requires the skills of a graphic artist to produce.

How do I Price & Place my Order?

Follow this simple process when placing your order:

  1. Determine the item(s) you need and find the item code in the Dealer Price List. Determine whether your items are STOCK or PERSONALIZED and look for the pricing associated with STOCK or PERSONALIZED items. Please note the instructions for grouping on the front of the price list.
  2. Determine the quantity price breaks for each item ordered. If more than one color or printed on colored reflective make the appropriate adjustment to the pricing as stated on the front of the Dealer Price List. Include the designated price on your Purchase Order.
  3. Be sure to include all the details of each item such as size, colors, emblems, etc. Utilize the templates in the back of the price lists to ensure that all text and colors are printed correctly.
  4. Fax, e-mail or mail your Purchase Order to our Customer Service Department. Our office staff is available to answer any questions you may have. Office hours are 7:00 to 3:30 Pacific Standard Time.
  5. On Custom items, please include a color copy of the item you are requesting. If vector artwork is available please e-mail it to us in a Macintosh eps format with color separations and proper trapping for overprinting colors. We strive for a quick turn around on all items. Your order could be delayed if it is incomplete.

Is it Possible to get a Variation of a Stock Item?

Stock titles and emblems are interchangeable. You may also request any stock item in the colors listed on page 2 of the Firefly Signs catalog. These items may all be grouped together for quantity discounts unless designated otherwise on the front of the Price Lists. Stock items printed with custom colors not listed will be priced as personalized. Stock items may also be printed on different materials, additional charges may apply.

When can I expect my Order?

We will normally ship every order via UPS Ground. Rush shipping is available (Next Day Air, 2nd Day Air, 3rd Day Air, Priority Mail). We strive to ship STOCK items within one day and PERSONALIZED items within 3-5 working days. Check your local UPS records to see their guarantees for shipping from Oregon. We are happy to drop ship directly to your customer–send us a supply of your shipping labels if you do not wish to have our labels on the package and send your request in writing to our Shipping Department. Remember to provide a street address for all drop shipped items, UPS will not deliver to a Post Office Box.

Is it Possible to Add-On to or Change my Order?

Of course it is easier on all concerned if every order is complete, but in the real world that doesn’t always happen. You may add on to your purchase order or make changes if necessary, however, if it is a personalized item that is already in production an additional charge of $5.00 will be added to your order and the changes may not be able to be grouped with the rest of the order for quantity discounts.

How do I get a Patch made into a Decal?

Pacific Reflex Signs prides itself in being able to duplicate department patches. This can be accomplished by, 1) sending us the patch, 2) sending camera ready color artwork, 3) sending digital artwork. We use the pantone color matching system to create color schemes very close to the original. It is the responsibility of the Distributor to guarantee that all copyright laws have been adhered to in the duplication of existing artwork. We specialize in custom orders–If you have an idea for a design or item that you think will sell in your area we can help you develop it. These items will be sold exclusively to you as an Authorized Dealer of Firefly Signs.

What is your Return Policy?

Stock items may be returned within 30 days of purchase. They must be in the same condition in which they were received. A 15% restocking fee will be charged for these items. Personalized and custom items may only be returned for full credit when an error was made in the manufacturing process. Please contact us and fax a copy of the item in question to obtain proper authorization for the return.

What do I do with Damaged Goods?

Items damaged in shipping or in the manufacturing process will be replaced at the same price as the original and a full credit will be issued upon the return of the damaged goods. Please contact us and fax a copy of the item in question to obtain proper authorization for the return.

How do I install/apply my Decals?

You can View/Print off our suggested steps on installing your decals with our Application Instructions PDF.

How do I get a Dealer Login Name & Password?

In order to obtain a Dealer Login Name & Password you must be a Distributor(Dealer) of FireFly Signs brand. If you’d like to become a Distributor please Contact Us.